It is very easy to play as Ace-King, but not that hard.

Let us know: Ace-King is the best hand of unpaired starting.

Note that some keywords here:

Unpaired. He is an ace high as A-x. It will not improve on the flop two out of three. This can be a problem, a big problem.

Starting hand. It is no spouse, the best starting hand. Starting hand means that the value of this hand on the flop to change, as all other starting hands in poker.

Players today are so super aggressive when it comes Ace-King in a poker tournament, push all-in pre-flop. There are some good times with your hand push, but at other times it is a mistake.

Examples of situations in which not all in with AK:

The tournament has begun, and there are a lot of chips from the big blind. All-in is just a bad risk-reward.

The tournament is in its infancy and a player raises pre-flop. You decide on bets the pot and push all-in for his opponent to get his hand. All-In is just another poor risk-reward.

This is one of the chip leaders in the late stages of a tournament. A player which is approximately half the number of chips as pushed all in pre-flop. The player is very tight. You’re in a game that will be treated when you leave, I promise to another hand. Why risk so much here?

This is one of the chip leaders in the late stages of a tournament. They raise and another player with more chips than you. Overbet the pot with an all-in preflop Hey, it could be a link, and also has a K. So what. Forget it.